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Les Planes d’Hostoles is famous for its pools, but also for having been an important site during the Remença revolt.

The starting point is the car park at the Espai Polivalent, located alongside the El Carrilet greenway. Different pools can be reached from here: if you follow the El Carrilet greenway towards Girona, take the signposted route and you will soon come to Santa Margarida pool, the largest in the municipality. However, if you follow the El Carrilet greenway towards Olot, you will soon reach the steps leading to Can Poeti pool, which extends alongside an old flour mill.

Continue along the greenway towards Olot and turn off along a path on your right to El Molí dels Murris pool, one of the most bucolic in La Garrotxa. If you want to visit this pool by car, leave it in the car park that has been especially set up alongside the C-63 road to Olot and finish the route on foot.

Apart from the pools, you can walk up to Hostoles castle in the municipality of Sant Feliu de Pallerols, one of the remains of Remença times boasting great views of the southern half of La Garrotxa. The path to the castle can be found by continuing along the greenway towards Olot.

You can also climb up to El Far, from where you are given panoramic views of the Hostoles valley, Les Guilleries and Collsacabra.

Finally, you can visit the village, which is home to the church of Sant Cristòfol de Les Planes and alleyways that denote the recent history of this municipality, created in 1872 after its partition from Sant Feliu de Pallerols.

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- The access of visitors to the gorges of Les Planes d'Hostoles is regulated


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