The access of visitors to the gorges of Les Planes d'Hostoles is regulated

Wednesday 17 of June of 2020

The measure is taken to ensure the safety of people and the conservation of nature.

This summer the access to the gorges of the Planes d'Hostoles will be regulated to a maximum capacity of 200 people daily to guarantee the sanitary measures and also to watch over the preservation of this space.

At the time of the entry of the health region of Girona in phase 2 there was already a significant influx of visitors to the gorges of Les Planes d'Hostoles, putting at risk the health of visitors and the good state of conservation of 'this protected natural space. With the entry into phase 3 of decontamination, an increase in the concentration of people in natural spaces is expected, to access recreational baths, which can lead to risks, both for the health of the people themselves and for the natural environment.

To guarantee the safety and sanitary measures in a situation of pandemic of the COVID-19, following the protocol of additional and preventive measures for the management of bathing waters of the Generalitat de Catalunya, and to prevent the agglomeration of people in the natural environment, the City Council of Les Planes d'Hostoles with the collaboration of the Emys Foundation have established an innovative system of online capacity management to regulate access to the gorges of the municipality.

From this Saturday, and until September 13, to access the pools it will be essential to have a ticket that will grant the right to access all the pools in the municipality for one day. In this way access will be guaranteed in the safest way possible, while at the same time ensuring the preservation of the natural environment.

The ticket for adults will cost € 3, and will be free for children under 12, always accompanied by an adult. These contributions will be used to develop actions to conserve the biological diversity of this protected natural space and to carry out maintenance actions to adapt the space to public use.

This measure wants the users of this space to be able to enjoy it with all the guarantees, respecting the health and safety measures to protect themselves, and respecting the environment and the natural environment to preserve biodiversity. Failure to comply with the rules of use and access may lead to administrative sanctions.

The City Council of Les Planes d'Hostoles and the Emys Foundation have been working together since 2018 to regulate the uses and accesses to the protected natural area of ​​the river Brugent as it passes through the municipality. This is an ongoing collaboration that has managed to regulate the uses and access to the natural environment and raise public awareness of its values. This action is part of a global strategy of the municipality that is committed to sustainable development and that allocates 0.5% of the IBI to the improvement of fauna, flora and landscape.