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Molí dels Murris bathing pool. Route 4 Les Planes d'Hostoles



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    Les Planes d'Hostoles

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    At your leisure

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    On foot

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Les Planes d’Hostoles is well known for its natural bathing pools that have been used in numerous films and adverts. This is one of four suggestions.

This walk takes you to Molí dels Murris, one of the best-known swimming holes near Les Planes d'Hostoles. The walk starts in the car park of the community centre (Espai Polivalent)and follows the Carrilet greenway towards Olot. Once past Molí dels Murris, it continues as far as the road to Cogolls.

The walk passes near to the Art Deco house of Can Garay and the imposing farmhouse of Casa Jonquer.

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- The access of visitors to the gorges of Les Planes d'Hostoles is regulated


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