The secrets of Alta Garrotxa

We will enter the Alta Garrotxa Area of Natural Interest, a rough and unspoiled land, where we will discover what life was like a few years ago, how people lived there. Today, it is a depopulated land, full of small Romanesque hermitages in unimaginable corners, with many places to discover and, above all, a very lonely and lost area, which is so difficult to find nowadays. Alta Garrotxa has a very special charm that is difficult to explain... It has to be experienced.

icona 5 hours

icona The whole year

icona Minimum 2 and maximum 40 people. Couples, groups, families, seniors.

icona From €40 / person. Includes: VAT, qualified guide, civil liability / accident insurance.

icona Level of effort: medium. A minimum of physical fitness is required.

RESERVATIONS: Guies Ama Dablam

Contact number: 615 23 34 42

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