Summering in 20th century Olot by bike

A bike tour that will follow the Fluvià river, looking for the freshest places around the river, remembering what the modernist vacationers of the 20th century did. While explaining the history of Olot and the tourist habits, we will follow the Fluvià to the Prats de la Mandra, a space as the name suggests, to make a modernist vermouth. The visit will end in the center of the city of Olot, to learn about its industrial past, which allowed the existence of a prosperous bourgeoisie, the protagonist of these modernist summer resorts, going back to the starting point.

icona Duration: 3 hours

icona Dates: all year round.

icona 10-20 people. Groups

icona Price: From €30 per person. Includes: guided tour, bike rental and vermouth.

icona Level of effort of the proposal: low.


Contact number: 972 90 38 22; 616 44 70 01

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