Exclusive astrophotography and night landscape workshop at Alta Garrotxa

Introductory astrophotography and night photography workshop, exclusive for you, in an idyllic setting in the Alta Garrotxa and taught by one of our professional astronomers/photographers.

The proposal includes a welcome snack, clarification of basic concepts in photography (speed, diaphragm, ISO, etc.), applied technique (how to focus, expose and frame in the dark), practical cases according to the chosen period (how to photograph the blue hour, the milky way, the moon, etc.), short summary about revealed and field trip for 90 minutes to put into practice the knowledge acquired in the first part of the workshop.

icona Duration: 3 hours

icona Dates: any day of the year

icona Minimum 2 and maximum 20 people. Ideal for couples, groups of friends or families.

icona Price per person: €150.00. Significantly cheaper prices from the third person.

icona Level of effort: nil. Must have basic knowledge of photography. You don't need a camera or accessories, although it would be nice to have them.

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Contact number: 626 18 20 38

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