Cheese tasting in Cabanyes entre valls

Are you a cheese lover? Do you like to discover new cheeses from the territory? From Cabanyes entre Valls we present you this proposal from the Pastor de Riudaura, where you will taste his own cheeses plus a selection of very select international cheeses chosen by him. During the tasting, the origin and characteristics of each one are explained, all accompanied by an exceptional pairing in an idyllic location with spectacular views.

What are you waiting for! Come with your partner or your friends to enjoy this fantastic experience!

icona Duration: 1.5h - 2h.

icona Dates: Last Sunday of the month between February and July.

icona Minimum 8 and maximum 14 people. Couples, friends, adult audience.

icona €45 / person. Includes: Cheese tasting from a local producer. Possibility of accommodation according to availability.

icona Effort level: low.

RESERVATIONS: Cabanyes entre valls

Contact number: 872 20 40 95

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