Personalized artistic workshop

There are people who don't like to do anything alone. There are others who prefer it. Either they don't find the who or if they have the who, they don't find the when.

In short, here are 4 long hours for you where the artist will guide just you through the process of creating two pieces.

You will take a tour through different techniques discovering the possibilities of expression with these materials in a free and guided way.

iconaDuration: 4,5 hours

icona Dates: All year (with prior reservation).

icona 1 person individual audience

icona €220. Includes: individual tour guided by the artist in which you will experience the process of creating two artisan glass pieces.

icona Effort level: low.

RESERVEATIONS: Taller artístic Jordi Traveria

Contact number: 663 895 055

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