Natural Park and protected areas

The combination of relief, soils and climate found in La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park gives rise to highly varied and often exuberant vegetation, ranging from evergreen holm oak forests to dense beech forests, all of exceptional scenic value.

In total, 1,178 species of flowering plants and 261 species of vertebrate animals have been recorded. Walkers will enjoy the itineraries that pass through La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park: most are signposted, the exception being the longest options that experienced walkers can follow with the help of the Natural Park’s map-guide. These routes often connect and/or coincide with the marked paths of the Itinerànnia network of fotpaths.

La Garrotxa has other priceless natural areas, such as the Alta Garrotxa, an area with a wealth of important cultural heritage farms, villages, churches, charcoal ... that are scattered throughout the country and highlight the importance they had in the past traditional activities, agriculture and livestock in the area.


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