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Ruta de les Fonts i Verlets. Route 1 Sant Joan les Fonts



  • Duration:

    1h 15min

  • Nearby municipalities:

    Sant Joan les Fonts

  • Type:

    At your leisure

  • Type:

    On foot

  • Area:


  • Difficulty:


This walk takes you through an area full of natural springs where local people once went to relax, above all in summer.

This route visits the western-most part of the municipality of Sant Joan les Fonts and runs through a small area of wetlands set amidst a mosaic of agricultural fields and copses. As well, this walk runs across a small volcano, La Canya, so squat that it does not stand out from the surrounding landscape.

In the town of Sant Joan les Font there are number of sites of interest, including the medieval castle of Estada Juvinyà, a medieval bridge, the church of the old monastery, the Museum Space of El Boscarró and Molí Fondo, and an itinerary that visits three lava flows and the former quarry of El Boscarró.

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icona cadira de rodes Accessible with help or handbike


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