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Route Ribelles and Sant Aniol (from Hostal de la Muga)



  • Duration:

    6h 15min

  • Nearby municipalities:

    Montagut i Oix

  • Type:

    At your leisure

  • Type:

    On foot

  • Area:


  • Difficulty:

    Medium / Difficult

The church of Sant Julià de Ribelles is Romanesque and was consecrated in 947. Sant Aniol d’Aguja dates from the High Middle Ages and was a Benedictine monastery before being transformed into a parish church and sanctuary.

This route will allow us to access Sant Aniol d'Aguja from the north, by a little known route, but of high difficulty. We will enter the wildest Alta Garrotxa from the Hostal de la Muga, a historic meeting point for hunters, hikers, tourists, gendarmes and inhabitants of the Vallespir.

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