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Oix - Vall del Bac. Route 2 Consorci Alta Garrotxa



A tough and demanding route for some of the steepest places in Alta Garrotxa.

The itinerary begins at the top of the main street of Oix. We head towards the Bac Valley leaving the village, to the left. The route is marked in green and orange. It also coincides with the GR1, we will also find the yellow markings of the Itinerànnia Network. The track passes through a ridge and behind the Vilar d'Oix. Near the house of Rodeja we have good views of Montmajor and Montpetit. We leave the cemetery path and we will be planning to spend next to the farmhouse, which we leave to the right. We cross the walkway and keep going up the track in the direction of Cal Quic. Once we are at the Cal Quic turnoff, we head towards the Bac valley through the Quer forest: this section does not coincide with the GR, but we will find the green and orange brands, as well as the yellow of Itinerànnia.

The path goes parallel to the stream and we will follow it until crossing it. A few meters further down, there are Batlle gorges. We will continue towards the west until we cross the torrent of La Vinyota. The path reaches a meadow from where an old road leaves, and we will continue to cross the Seguer de Pera torrent. Not far beyond, you have to find a path that climbs to the right and leaves the road. We will climb along the path and later on a track that makes zigzags until it reaches Saguer's house. Fifty meters towards the west of the house comes a well-milled path that first descends and later forked: we take the one on the right and we will continue to find the source of the Solana del Seguer.

Continuing towards the west, we will cross a stream and the torrent of the Clot del Rebost. The path goes on the side of some rocks and the Chopped, from where you can have the last glimpse of the neighborhood of Pera. In the following fork of roads, we take the one of the left and we begin to lower. If we take the one on the right, we could climb Llonganya and Talló. Cross the Llonganya (with hazelnuts and count) and without going down, we will climb to the other side, where we will find the Coromina mill.

At the top of the Molí stairs, we will continue a few meters along the path that borders the stream, below the track that reaches the house. Later we arrive at the track that then crosses the stream by a walkway and lock: we do not have to cross it, we will continue in the same direction until reaching Cal Ferrer. Outside the stream, touching Cal Ferrer is the source. We will cross the stream by a lever. To the right, we will find the road that goes to the Tower, which we will leave aside and continue until arriving at the Hostal del Vall del Bac.

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