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Modernist Garrotxa


Discover the Art Nouveau heritage of la Garrotxa.

Catalonia is one of the regions of Europe in which Art Nouveau – or Modernism, as it is known locally – took deepest root, above all as a result of the burgeoning economic, cultural and political power of the new Catalan bourgeoisie who used it to demonstrate its financial power and show off its artistic tastes. After the Romanesque, this is the best-represented artistic style in La Garrotxa and, above all, in Olot. This route begins with a stroll through Olot to visit Art Nouveau buildings such as the Ferrer patisserie and the Pujador and Escubós houses, before continuing on to other towns such as Sant Feliu de Pallerols and Les Planes d’Hostoles that also bear witness to this remarkable creative urge.

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