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Memories of the last Carlist War


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This route visits some of the sites in La Garrotxa that are indelibly associated with the Third Carline War (1872–1876).

We are accompanied by the words of Marià Vayreda (Olot, 1853–Barcelona, 1903), a local writer who not only personally experienced the stories that we relate but also wrote about them some years later in his book Records de la darrera carlinada (‘Memories of the last Carline War’). La Garrotxa was one of the foci of this Carline War in Catalonia and witnessed episodes such as the Battle of Tortellà on 23 August 1873, the Battle of Toix on 14 April 1874 and the fall of the city of Olot to the Carline army – who held the city for almost a year – just two days later.

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