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Les Preses, the tradition of dry-stone



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The need to cultivate the territory has been a transforming element of the landscape. The landscape of Les Preses stands out for its scenic attractions. Plains and mountains alternate harmoniously with croplands and forests.

One of the most interesting spots is Pedra Tosca Park, located in Bosc de Tosca forest, a rural area that was once farmed by man and that has been recovered as a reminder of the work of our forefathers. The extreme need and tenacity in modifying what was an exceptionally inhospitable area of land, as it was actually a rocky basalt flow with almost no sunlight for crop-growing, led to an exceptional area, in which rocks were lined up to build dry-stone walls to separate cleared land and paths, forming a maze of paths, dry-stone walls, clearings and stone huts. It can be reached on foot or by bike from Les Preses, following the El Carrilet greenway towards Olot.

Another especially interesting area is Puig Rodó, one of the best vantage points of La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park and of Vall d'en Bas. Located near Xenacs Recreational Area at an altitude of 906 metres above sea level, it is one of the highest points of the Corb mountain range. The mountain range is home to exceptional sites, such as the ruins of Colltort castle, Can Tià volcano, the Fageda Fosca beech forest and the Castle and Shrine of Santa Maria de Finestres.

Puig Rodó can be reached on foot along different routes that start in Les Preses. Some of these paths pass El Racó volcano, which is relatively unknown, but very interesting and is located right at the start of the Corb valley.

Two Romanesque hermitages can be visited in Corb valley: Sant Martí del Corb, with some steps and a drinking trough that make it very unique and photogenic, and Sant Miquel del Corb, only a short distance away. If you are entering the valley on foot or by bike, follow the forest trail along a path through cropland that leads to La Fageda d'en Jordà.


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