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La Vall de Bianya cycle lane. Route 6 Vall dels Sentits



  • Duration:

    0h 35min

  • Nearby municipalities:

    La Vall de Bianya

  • Type:

    At your leisure

  • Type:

    By bike

  • Area:


  • Difficulty:


Through this greenway we can go, pedaling or on foot, from Llocalou to Hostalnou de Bianya, passing through fields and pastures.

Be it from L'Hostalnou de Bianya or from Llocalou, a short detour from this walk will take you to two interesting buildings: the church of Sant Andreu de Socarrats and the Art Deco house of Mas la Riba in L'Hostalnou de Bianya.

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icona cadira de rodes Accessible with help or handbike


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