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El Talló. Route 6 Consorci Alta Garrotxa



  • Duration:

    5h 10min

  • Nearby municipalities:

    Montagut i Oix

  • Type:

    At your leisure

  • Type:

    On foot

  • Area:


  • Difficulty:


Ascension to El Talló, a demanding peak and a great hiking tradition in the Alta Garrotxa area.

The Talló, located to the west of the Alta Garrotxa, between the Bac valley and the Salarsa valley, is a mountain that is very representative of this Area of ​​Natural Interest. At Talló summit, on a clear day, you can see from Canigó, to the north, to Montseny, to the south; the Mare de Déu del Mont to the east, and to Peguera (Berguedà), to the west. During the tour you can see the most common vegetal communities of the Alta Garrotxa: the mountain oak, the oak wood of oak, the beech grove, the pine grove of roux pine and the humid mountain meadows.

To start the itinerary we have to go to Pera, which is halfway to the road that joins Oix with Beget.

We can leave the vehicle in the car park at the entrance to the kernel, which coincides with the beginning of the itinerary.

From the Pera area, you must cross the meadow that is on the other side of the road and follow the Oix-Beget road until you find a path on the left, to the house of the Masos.

Throughout this section we will find the marks of the itinerary, greens and oranges, and also those of the Itinerànnia Network, of yellow color.

Follow this path until you reach the Sagordi pass, where we will continue heading towards Talló. After about five minutes, we will reach another pass, the Cortal, where we will also follow the direction to Talló.

This path, which rises in a southwestern direction, continues to rise until you reach the junction with the track of Resclusanys-Llonganya. When you reach the crossroads, we will go to the right, following the marks.

About 300 meters, on the left, there is a track that will continue for just over a kilometer. All this area is called the Talló plain.

The road tombs to the left, where we reach a point very rooted in the passage of cows and water. At this point we leave the yellow marks and only follow the greens and oranges, and continue up towards the top of the mountain.

During the ascent, we find an area dominated by large bushes, where one of the thickest in Catalonia stands out, with a diameter of trunk of 1.70 meters and a cannon vault of more than five meters.

On the summit and on the slopes of El Talló, we find moist pasture meadows, with pine woods of red pine and I do.

It is a good place to stop before continuing with the hike.

We follow the top of the summit, as if we were heading towards the U Puig, until we connect with the path that goes down the hill.

In this area you can see many paths with cattle grazing in the area and crossing them. If we leave the itinerary and continue west for about 150 meters, we can go see the source of Resclusans.
 Go back and continue along the marked route: during a small section you will agree again with Itinerànnia, until we go to the left and leave the path marked by the network of paths.

A few meters later, we leave a house on the left. It is one of the houses of Alta Garrotxa located at higher altitude, the house of Resclusanys.

We will arrive to the Collada de Resclusanys, where we will continue towards the area of ​​Pera.

We cross a green metal fence and we travel through forested oak woods and I do it. We walk down a track until we find a path that goes down resolutely to the left. We take it and follow it until we go back on a track. We turn right. We continue along the track until we arrive at the Collal del Cortal, where we will continue towards Pera. From here, the path back to Pera is the same as we had done in the first leg: we will pass through the Sagordi pass and we will continue until the start of the route.

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