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Can Xel - castell de Colltort - Fontpobra - Can Xel. Natural Park route 5



  • Duration:

    1h 40min

  • Nearby municipalities:

    Santa Pau

  • Type:

    At your leisure

  • Type:

    On foot

  • Area:


  • Difficulty:


The itinerary 5 begins in front of Can Xel (in the restaurant's parking lot). We went up the road to Sant Miquel de Sacot, leaving the castle of Sacot on the right and, past the farmhouse of Can Batlle, we entered the forest. We keep going up a path that is to the right in the direction of Colltort hill. To the right of the hill you will find the castle of the same name. We return to the neck and continue climbing to find Fontpobra dolina (in a wood with marked thermal inversion). We descend to the font of Fontpobra (volcanic outcrops). Arriving at the source, we find the track that will take us to Coll de Bassols. After finding the crossroads with itinerary 1, we follow the Pla de Sacot road that will take us back to Can Xel.

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