How far in advance do you need to make the reservation?
You can even book on the day of the visit, as long as there are places available, but we recommend making the reservation as far in advance as possible to guarantee a place and reception service.

How does the reservation work?
The reservation gives the right of access to a vehicle in the Sadernes car park or the Pont del Llierca, these are two types of independent reservations. Once the reservation has been made, you will receive an email that you will use to access, with a reservation number and a QR code. This code is essential to access the space guaranteeing capacity in the Sant Aniol valley.

How do I know if I have made the reservation correctly?
Once the reservation is validated, you will receive a QR Code to the email indicated, check that you have received this email correctly and that the payment has been made.

Can I make the reservation and download the QR code in Sadernes or Pont de Llierca itself?
No, because there is no data coverage available and there is also a high probability that there will be no free places.

In what period should it be reserved?
It is necessary to make a parking reservation for Easter from April 6 to 10, all weekends and holidays in April, May, June and until September 11 and every day in July and August

Why should you book?
This measure makes it possible to improve the reception of the visitor, making the enjoyment of the visit compatible with the conservation of the natural values of the protected natural space.

Where does the money go?
The money collected from the tickets you are buying goes entirely to cover the reception service in the central axis of the Protected Natural Area, both the Information Service and the Rural Guard Service, as well as other maintenance of the area .

If we leave, can we come back in?
No, once you've left, you can't re-enter.

Is it possible to cancel the reservation after making the payment?
Once the reservation is made, no refunds are allowed.

I made a mistake in entering data when making the reservation, how do I fix it?
No changes are allowed once the reservation has been made. That is why we recommend that you check the data carefully before making the payment.

Can I sleep in the parking lot?
No, it is forbidden to spend the night in the entire Alta Garrotxa natural area, including the car park. The reservation is only intended for the parking of the vehicle.

What else can I do in Alta Garrotxa?
For more information and other activities you can go to