River and natural areas access of La Garrotxa » Protected natural area of Sant Martí river - Santa Pau

How far in advance do I have to book?

You can book even on the day of the visit, as long as places are available.

I made the reservation but I did not receive the confirmation email. What can I do?

Please check your spam bin.

When should I book?

It is necessary to book for all days between July 2 and September 18.

Why make a reservation?

This measure improves the stay and experience of the visitor, with the aim of making the visit as attractive as possible. In addition, we must remember that we are in a protected natural space that must be preserved and cared for.

Failure to comply with the rules of use and access may lead to administrative sanctions according to the municipal ordinance.

Where did the money go?

The amount of the tickets is entirely intended to cover the information and surveillance service, as well as the maintenance of this protected natural space.

How does the reservation work?

The reservation gives the right of access to a vehicle in the car park of the gorges of Santa Pau. Once the reservation is made you will receive an email (note that sometimes this email can go to spam or spam) which will be used to access you with a reservation number and a QR code.

This code is essential to access the enabled parking space.

If we leave, can we re-enter?

No, once you leave the parking space, the ticket will no longer be valid and you will lose your parking space. If you want to re-enter, you must make a new reservation as long as there are vacancies.
Is it allowed to eat in the pool area?

In the area of ​​the gorges it is not allowed to bring food or hold celebrations of any kind. Essential food is only allowed if we are hiking or hiking.

It is totally forbidden to bring refrigerators, picnic items, speakers, inflatables ...

Picnics must be held in the different areas of the municipality or region.

However, we recommend that you try the gastronomy of La Garrotxa in the restaurants of the municipality or the region.

Is it possible to cancel the reservation after payment has been made?

Once the reservation has been made, no refunds are allowed and the ticket is not valid for another day.
What else can I do in Santa Pau?

The municipality of Santa Pau offers a lot of resources and experiences. You can visit Medieval Village, the volcanoes or the beeches as well as do activities with family or friends.

For more information and other activities you can go to https://visitsantapau.com




1) Book from a place with good mobile phone coverage. In rural areas, there is usually either no coverage, or there is insufficient coverage.


2) After confirming the payment through your bank's app, please remember to return to this page to complete the booking process.