Turisme Garrotxa analyzes the accessibility of tourist places in La Garrotxa

Tuesday 21 of December of 2021

This pilot test will study the level of accessibility of 50 companies and places of tourist interest. Their managers will know the improvements they should make to be more accessible.

During the last weeks of December, Turisme Garrotxa is carrying out an analysis of the level of accessibility of 50 establishments and places of tourist interest in La Garrotxa. To carry out this analysis, we will have the advice of the specialized company, BIM Consultors, which has experience in this field in the province of Girona.

The analysis that will be carried out in these 50 places, including all the companies that form part of the Turisme Garrotxa "Servei d'Innovació i Producte", will make it possible to identify the extent to which the establishments are accessible to people with functional diversity. and will provide valuable information to those responsible. After the analysis, the managers of the establishments will receive a personalized report with the list of necessary improvements to increase the degree of accessibility of their business. In addition, all the information resulting from this analysis will be published on a specific web panel, which will allow the level of accessibility to the territory to be analyzed.

During this pilot test, hotels, rural tourism establishments, campsites, apartments, tourist accommodation, bars and restaurants, indoor and outdoor activities, tourist offices, itineraries, will be analyzed at no cost to those responsible. historic centers, spaces of cultural interest, museums and meeting rooms and unique spaces. More establishments and places of interest will soon be analyzed, to which will be added hostels, summer camps, shops, and even taxis.

Tourism for all is all the tourist offer that takes into account the aspects of the individual diversity of the local population and tourists: body size, physical, sensory and mental abilities, allergies, beliefs, eating habits and ethnic characteristics and cultural. An environment designed for everyone generates a benefit for society as a whole, since any person is likely to have limitations or conditions at some point in life.

This action is part of the tourist accessibility project "La Garrotxa per a tothom", subsidized by the FEDER "La Garrotxa Terra de Volcans, cultura i identitat", and is also one of the actions planned in the strategy 2021-2025 of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism.

This initiative, which aims to continue, aims to improve the quality of stay of people with functional diversity.