The period of regulation of motorized access to Sadernes will be extended

Monday 24 of October of 2022

Due to the influx of visitors, the regulation will be extended until December 15, that is to say, a month and a half longer than was initially planned.

According to the Consorci de l'Alta Garrotxa, due to the still persistent overcrowding in the Sadernes-Sant Aniol d'Aguja sector in recent weeks, the regulation of motorized access has been extended until December 15.

It should be remembered that the regulation of motorized access aims to organize visitors and avoid traffic problems along the track. In this way, the parking of vehicles is organized, while improving the safety of people, both residents of the area and visitors, minimizing the impact on the natural environment.

It is expected that in 2023 the regulation of access to this track will begin on March 1 and end on December 15.

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