The Ecotourism Club in Spain publishes the Catálogo de Escapadas 2021

Friday 28 of May of 2021

The 20 protected areas are revealed where up to 53 real ecotourism getaways are offered during the next seven months of 2021. Under the motto "Live Nature", the second edition of the catalog aims to promote ecotourism and stimulate its consumption. .

Following the success of the last edition, the Club Ecoturismo en España has unveiled the 20 protected areas where up to 53 real ecotourism getaways will take place over the next seven months of 2021. Under the motto "Live Nature", and with the support of the Secretary of State for Tourism, the second edition of the Catálogo de Escapadas de ecoturismo has been prepared, which aims to promote ecotourism and stimulate its consumption in the state market.

The destinations with protected areas included in this pioneering initiative are those that are members of the Ecotourism Club in Spain: Mariñas Coruñesas, Menorca, Molina-Alt Tajo, Delta de l'Ebre, Doñana, Basque Coast, Sobrarbe-Pyrenees, Villuercas-Ibores- Jara, La Garrotxa, La Palma, La Gomera, Lanzarote, Muniellos-Fonts del Narcea, Serra d'Aracena and Picos de Aroche, Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas, Sierra Espuña and Sierra Nevada. However, Campania de Oropesa, Cabañeros and Tablas de Daimiel are also added, thanks to local companies affiliated to the Ecotourism Club in Spain.

Amanda Guzmán, manager of the Club, states that "the Ecotourism Getaway Catalog is a reflection of the wide range of ecotourism in our country". The Ecotourism Club currently has 22 destinations and 520 companies affiliated throughout the state. "But also what it means to be part of the Club, as it is the result of networked work, coordination and cooperation of both destinations and companies that are committed to true ecotourism," he adds.

The 2021 Ecotourism Getaway Catalog includes trips for small groups ranging from 4 to 5 days, showing the ecotourism potential of each destination. Each of the 53 getaways includes unique, local and family accommodations, and guided experiences for entrepreneurs passionate about their territory to discover its unique nature and unique traditions. Initiatives that respond to sustainability criteria, promote and diversify the local economy and that also have the guarantee of the Ecotourism Club in Spain.

All getaway options are marketed by receptive travel agencies, committed to sustainability and who have crafted each of the proposed options. The agencies participating in the 2021 Ecotourism Getaway Catalog are: Viajes Aventura Cazorla, Ecoturismo Granada, Somos Destino Rural, Trescàlia, Ecoagrotours, Nómada Viatges, Caminos del Guadiana, Viajes Temocodá, Genuine Spain, Basque Destinations and Viajes Alumar.

Beth Cobo, director of Trescàlia, one of the agencies driving this initiative, admits that "what makes the Ecotourism Getaway Catalog innovative is that all the companies involved have a real commitment to the conservation of natural spaces that travelers enjoy ". Beth has been encouraging visitors to enjoy La Garrotxa for years, contributing positively to the territory. “All the proposed experiences meet criteria that assure us that each trip and each traveler generates a positive impact on the local socio-economic development and nature conservation they enjoy,” he adds.

For her part, Teresa Madrona, director of Ecoturismo Granada, and also promoter of the project, states that "the Ecotourism Getaway Catalog shows that we are an organized network capable of generating, designing and marketing authentic ecotourism experiences. and guaranteed in the protected spaces of all Spain. This would not be possible without the receptive agencies, that know the territory from inside, to each one of the providers and are able to offer a personalized service to each customer ".

Collaboration between companies, initiatives and ecotourism professionals has been key to the creation of this proposal where ecotourism and responsibility for protected areas is the connecting link. An aspect that also becomes tangible through the "ecotourism commitment", which demonstrates the direct contribution of each getaway to biodiversity conservation and local development projects, emission compensation actions to curb climate change, of environmental awareness or solidarity initiatives.

The Ecotourism Club in Spain, one of the tourist product clubs supported by the Secretary of State for Tourism since 2010, is a pioneering initiative that offers authentic ecotourism experiences in protected areas, guaranteeing the traveler its contribution to local development and biodiversity conservation. It currently brings together 22 destinations and more than 520 companies that, under the brand and website, value their commitment to sustainable development.

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