Prior reservation is required to access the Sadernes reception area.

Thursday 7 of April of 2022

From the 14th to the 18th of April, on weekends and public holidays in May, June and until the 11th of September, and July and August, prior reservation will be required to access the Sant Aniol valley by motor vehicle and have 'a space in the Sadernes ca

Every year, with the arrival of spring and especially from Easter, the area of ​​Sadernes to the hermitage of Sant Aniol d'Aguja becomes one of the poles of attraction of the most important visitors in the region. de la Garrotxa, in the Alta Garrotxa Protected Natural Area. This high attendance and its impact on the natural environment meant that, initially, the Town Councils of Montagut and Oix and Sales de Llierca (through their municipal ordinances) and more recently, the same councils coordinated by the Alta Garrotxa Consortium , have regulated motorized access to the area, limiting vehicle access to the Sadernes track.

From March 12 to November 1, 2022, the Alta Garrotxa Consortium coordinates the regulation of motorized access to this area of ​​the protected area, an effective regulation during this period throughout the 24 hours .

But in addition to this regulation of motorized access, in addition, on April 14, the online pre-booking system will come into operation through a booking engine for vehicles wishing to access the area. In other words, any vehicle that wants to access the Sadernes parking area (and then continue on foot through the Vall de Sant Aniol) must have a prior parking reservation for the chosen day.

The reservation can be made through the website of the Alta Garrotxa Consortium - - and it will be necessary to indicate the registration of the vehicle and the specific day of the visit. In terms of capacity, the car park has 100 spaces and the reservation will have a general public price of € 5.56. Once the reservation has been made, you will receive an email with a QR code that must be presented to the control staff located at the Sadernes reception point.
Please note that visitors arriving on foot or by bicycle will not be required to make a reservation. The pre-booking system is designed for motor vehicle access. It is also worth remembering that the area is not covered, and for this reason it is important that the reservation is made prior to the visit and that the QR code is correctly downloaded to the mobile device, so that it can be displayed on arrival.

In addition to the task of access control, this year from the Alta Garrotxa Consortium, through the staff in the field will continue to offer visitors information on the natural space and the main regulations of public use, as if remembering to hikers the natural values, the offer of paths, the current regulations and all that interesting information to make their visit attractive, respectful and sustainable. In addition to this Information Service, the Alta Garrotxa Consortium will also have the Rural Nursery Service, which will monitor the rural environment in the area, to prevent the development of unauthorized activities and sanction those conducts that violate the regulations of the natural space. Finally, during the high season of visits, the Consortium will also have a cleaning service to keep the environment clean and free of debris.


Overcrowding and its impact on the natural environment

The high rate of visitors to the Alta Garrotxa area is a challenge in which the responsible public administrations work in coordination in order to minimize the impacts of human action on biodiversity and the environment in such areas. vulnerable like this. Some of these impacts result in soil erosion, water turbulence, direct impact on flora and fauna (animal handling or crushing of the animals and nests themselves) or noise (nuisance to reproduction). In addition, the coexistence of different social uses in the same natural space (visitors and inhabitants) also involves constant work to adapt and make compatible the needs of each group with the protection of the territory.

With the actions of regulation of motorized access, the implementation of the previous reservation and the different services set up by the Consortium of the Alta Garrotxa in collaboration with the councils of the area and the rest of public administrations with competences to In recent years, natural space has achieved very satisfactory results that reduce the impact on the natural environment, increase the quality of the visit of users of the space and improve the compatibility of uses in the protected space.