Measures to improve the fluidity of mobility for Easter in La Garrotxa

Tuesday 30 of March of 2021

A series of measures have been planned to make the access of tourists and visitors compatible with the mobility of the local population.

logosGuaranteeing mobility, the quality of the tourist experience, economic activity and good understanding with the local population are four fundamental priorities of all the administrations and entities for the promotion of tourism in La Garrotxa.

To achieve this fourfold goal, and in accordance with the strategy of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, this Easter, as in the past summer and autumn, the places in La Garrotxa that usually register more visits, such as the central area of ​​the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa and the area of ​​Sadernes, will again have prepared measures and / or devices to order access and ensure good use of these spaces, which will be activated if necessary.

As a novelty, in anticipation of the need to regulate motorized access to these places, the councils will provide residents with a badge that identifies them as such. On the other hand, to facilitate a better regulation of the access, it is convenient that the tourists and visitors can show (in the mobile or in paper) the proof of reservation of the activity that want to do in the zone where applies the regulation: a stay in an accommodation, a meal in a restaurant (or picking up an order of food to take away), or carrying out a tourist activity.

As there are currently some tourist establishments that do not have an online booking system, this Easter they will have a special confirmation form, which they can send to customers by SMS or email.

With these and other measures, it is hoped that all residents who have a badge, and that all visitors who have a prior reservation for any activity located within the indicated area, can travel and enjoy the Garrotxa with the maximum fluidity and normality possible.