Les Planes d'Hostoles will be the venue for the new Harmonia Festival

Friday 25 of March of 2022

The festival is defined as inclusive and supportive, and is aimed at families of all kinds. It will have concerts, circus, workshops and games, and the Catarres and Buhos will be the headliners.

The first edition of the Harmonia Festival, the family festival in diversity, will be held on Saturday 30 July at La Parada del Jonquer in Les Planes d'Hostoles and will offer a musical proposal with the participation of six artists, being Els Catarres and Buhos headliners.

Season tickets can be obtained on the festival's official website, harmoniafestival.cat, and on the Planestiueja't website, planestiuejat.cat. Part of the cost of season tickets will go to help the most vulnerable.

Harmonia will be a festival based on the Inclow-me project, developed within the Clownia Festival during the 2018 and 2019 editions, which aims to facilitate leisure for children with functional diversity and disadvantaged economic situation, as well as their families.

The Harmomia Festival is designed for everyone, for families of all kinds: traditional, large, single-parent, single-parent, lesbian-parent, extended, nuclear, reconstituted, foster, adoptive ...

The festival aims to promote inclusive leisure to foster values ​​such as acceptance, interdependence and to help raise awareness of diversity, coexistence, interaction and mutual learning.

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