Introducing Rumbus, the new bus service that will connect Les Preses, Olot and Santa Pau

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  • Introducing Rumbus, the new bus service that will connect Les Preses, Olot and Santa Pau
Saturday 1 of April of 2023

The minister for Territory and Mobility, Juli Fernández and the president of the Regional Council, Santi Reixach, presided over the presentation of Rumbus, the new bus service between Les Preses, Olot and Santa Pau from April 22.

Offering visitors and the local population sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly mobility is a challenge that the Garrotxa Tourism Mobility Board, formed by the Garrotxa Regional Council, Garrotxa Tourism, the Park, has been working on for some time Natural of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone, the Garrotxa County Council, the town councils of Les Preses, Olot and Santa Pau, and other agents involved in the territory, within the framework of the strategy of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism 2021- 2025 and to respond to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Today, one of the first initiatives of this cooperative work was presented: a new bus service that has been made possible thanks to the funding of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Department of Territory and Sustainability as well as the Consell Comarcal de la Garrotxa through the financing of Tourism Sustainability Plans in Destinations (Next Generation European funds).

This service, operated by Teisa, will run the route Les Preses – Olot – Fageda d'en Jordà – Santa Pau, covering some of the most touristic spots in the region during weekends, public holidays and other dates.

The new service will operate under the name of Rumbus, the name that has been created to encompass all the initiatives linked to sustainable mobility in La Garrotxa.


logo Rumbus

13 bus stops and a high frequency


The Rumbus Les Preses – Olot – Santa Pau line, which will be covered by a hybrid bus, will be launched on Saturday, April 22, it will have 13 stops and a high frequency of passage: one bus every hour, and on the busiest days there will be a bus every half hour, so that it is a cheaper, more practical and more convenient alternative than using a private vehicle.

The user can take the bus at any of the 13 stops and if arriving by private vehicle there will be three main free parking areas: one in Santa Pau, located next to the municipality's tourism office, one in Olot, located in Ronda de les Fonts, and the other in the municipality of Les Preses, which will soon be enabled considering that the Bracons tunnels are the main access route for visitors from outside the region who arrive in Garrotxa . The bus will take the Les Preses route passing through the center of Olot and through the central area of the Natural Park and will reach the center of Santa Pau, where it will start the reverse route.

Signs will soon be installed at the bus stops located along the route so that bus users can identify them.


A bus for residents and visitors


To get on the bus you can use the single ticket, which will allow, for €2, to make an unlimited number of trips throughout the day and thus discover, at your own pace, all the attractions of the central area of the Natural Park of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone, or any of the integrated mobility titles of the Girona ATM.

The bus ticket can be purchased in advance on the Teisa website, and can also be purchased on the bus on the same day.

The bus schedule will be as follows:


calendari de circulacions

On the days marked in the white calendar, the regular line runs between Olot and Santa Pau bus station.

The schedules will be as follows:


horaria anada

horaris tornada


All information about Rumbus can be found on