Capacity control measures in the Els Pins area

Tuesday 15 of June of 2021

The Vall d'en Bas City Council has presented the regulations that will govern access to this bathing area this summer.

This summer, and in line with what has been done in recent years, the Vall d'en Bas City Council will undertake a series of measures to regulate access to the Pines area and prevent overcrowding. 'this space, thus avoiding environmental degradation.

For this reason, it will continue, as last year, with the restriction of access to motor vehicles up to a maximum of 40. Prices also do not change: it will cost 2 € per motorcycle, 5 € per car and 7 € per van .

One of the changes this year is the extension of the payment schedule, which goes from 8.30 to 20.00.

Another change is the introduction of the figure of the Civic Agents in the Hostalets, who will regulate the town’s car parks and act as informants of uncivil behavior, especially related to the poor parking of vehicles.

Restrictions on Pines are effective June 19 and will run until September 12.