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    From 18 to 21 of April of 2024

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The festival that detects movement.

Between April 18 and 21, the Sismògraf will again focus on the landscape and current climate and social challenges. On the 26th, 27th and 30th of April, Sismodansa will be premiered, a program dedicated to dance that will coincide with the celebration of International Dance Day, during which there will be activity in unique public space settings, such as the Library or the Theatre.

From April 18 to 21 there will be proposals such as Una illa, by Agrupación Señor Serrano, a piece created with the help and presence on stage of artificial intelligence; o Sota terra, by Quim Girón and Moon Ribas, a proposal that is part of the European project Stronger Peripheries and that deals with the relationship between people and the underground.

Among the international proposals, you can see Cratera by the Portuguese company CiRcoLando, a performing arts project dedicated to volcanic landscapes, their telluric dimension and their proximity to the pulse and breathing of the Earth. On the other hand, the Swiss company Trickster-p will turn the theater into a game board and invite spectators and spectators to take part in their show Eutopia, a proposal with a playful and multi-sensory approach.

As for Sismodansa (April 26, 27 and 30), there will be two world premieres: Entre, by the Eva Durban Company, which once again brings together dancers with a unique biomechanical movement for this show. And Fairy tales, from the Czech company Pocketart, a review of classic fairy tales and their happy endings and the role of women in these tales. A premiere that will be possible thanks to the cooperation between the Seismograph and the Big Pulse Dance Alliance.

The Sismodansa program will be completed by two dance monologues, by Quim Bigas on happiness, and by Laura Alcalà Freudenthal and Irene Vicente Salas on millennials. The rest, a compendium of views: towards masculinity by Àngel Duran, towards the territory and the people who inhabit it by Esbart Rocasagna (with the collaboration of Quim Bigas), towards the body as a personal archive, cultural and virtual by Ingri Fiksdal & Núria Guiu, towards the imaginary of the work Bestiari by Joan Fuster i Ortells by Mireia de Querol Duran and Urša Sekirnik, and towards Colombian roots by Raquel Gualtero.

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