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    From 10 at11 of November of 2023

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The festival of fire and light.

The route will suggest rediscovering places in Olot such as the Eixample Malagrida. On the 10th, the light installations will be put into operation, and on the 11th, in addition to the light installations, the fire installations will be switched on. NUA Arquitectures, Hortolans de la Llum 2023. More than fifty proposals have been submitted to the artistic call. Collaborations of schools and institutes, and of the Olotí associative fabric.

Lluèrnia, Festival del Foc i de la Llum d'Olot will be held on November 10 and 11, 2023, following the format proposed last year, in which the light installations will be launched on the 10th , and on the 11th, in addition to the light installations, the fire installations will be lit.

In addition, the days before and after you can enjoy La Fumarola, all of a series of activities before and after such as conferences, exhibitions...

One of the spirit of the Festival is to help the citizens of Olot rediscover new spaces and itineraries. It is for this reason that in this year's edition of Lluèrnia, after being held on the banks of the river Fluvià or the neighborhood of Sant Miquel, the itinerary will explore the possibilities of the Eixample Malagrida, from Casa Vayreda to Parc Nou, passing by the Saints Museum or the Municipal Sports Hall. Facilities will also be offered in key points of the city such as the Plaza Mayor, the Hospice or the Residences.
The image of Lluèrnia 2023 is the work of Manel Quintana.


Artistic call. Collaboration with entities.


The artistic call, which opened on March 20 and closed on April 30, received more than fifty proposals. The festival's organizing committee chose four, a rather difficult task thanks to the high level of the artistic installations presented this year.

These four projects will be added to twenty more installations that will form part of the circuit proposed by the Lluèrnia 2023 festival.

Lluèrnia will once again have the collaboration of the schools and institutes of La Garrotxa, with proposals that will be exhibited in Parc Nou.

The collaboration with other entities that present installations or activities on the occasion of the festival is currently specified in proposals for co-production, exchange or direct incorporation, which are: AOAPIX, Binari, EASD Olot, Pim pam pum Foc! and Transversal Network.

The Teatre Principal d'Olot will also contribute to Lluèrnia 2023 with the show "City of Shadows", the result of a previous workshop organized by Com Un Llum with second grade students.

Can Trincheria will host the photographic exhibition with images from the 2022 edition, by Enric Carré and it can be visited from November 8 to 19.

It is also worth noting the collaborations of other entities, such as the PFI/PTT La Garrotxa, with which its students contribute to the assembly of facilities, the Vermut dels Enlluernats service or the attention of the points of Festival information.

Lluèrnia also collaborates with Càritas Garrotxa, an organization that will offer candles with the Festival logo in order to raise funds.

The Festival catering area will be located outside the Municipal Sports Pavilion, thanks to the collaboration of the Olot Volley Club and the Olot Figure Skating Club. The Contes a la Vora del Foc will also be held in this area during the afternoon/night of Friday 10 and Saturday 11.


NUA Arquitectures, Hortolans de la Llum – Lluèrnia 2023.


NUA Arquitectures will be the Hortolans de la Llum del Lluèrnia 2023 with the Ritual installation. Its installation will be located in Casa Vayreda.

Planting the land is one of the first actions to settle in a place. Through the act of cultivating, the place is transformed, physically but also on a symbolic level, becoming a reference point, fixed and safe, from which to inhabit the world. It is no coincidence that inhabiting and cultivating come from the same Latin term, "Colere". Ritual is an allegorical cultivation that builds a place. A garden of light that redefines space, a refuge, a square, a room. A minimal action, an abstract and ethereal field of beans that is confronted with the solid and commanding presence of Casa Vayreda. The old farmhouse garden, now gone, is reborn in its most essential form to welcome and protect, generating an inside and outside that invites to share intangible experiences in the midst of silence. A small primitive temple dedicated to agriculture. The garden as a cult of existence.
NUA Arquitectures is a plural and flexible team that works with professionals from different fields to develop projects adapted to the specific needs of each situation, actively collaborating with the inhabitants of the places and spaces we design. NUA is directed by Maria Rius, architect by ETSAB (2011) and graphic designer by EINA (2014), Arnau Tiñena, architect by ETSAB (2010) and research master in urban planning by UPC (2017), and Ferran Tiñena, architect by the ETSAB (2011) and master's degree in urban planning by the UPC (2017). All three graduated with honors (10) and completed their training in European schools of architecture (Edinburgh, Ljubljana and Venice). Maria, Arnau and Ferran combine practice with research and teaching. They currently work as professors of projects and urban planning at the School of Architecture of Reus (EAR), and explore the dynamics of the territorial scale, the urban project and collective housing through their doctorate.


Participation of schools of architecture and design.


One of Lluèrnia's permanent collaborations is with architecture and design schools in Catalonia. This year we will have the collaboration of students from ESDAPC – Ephemeral Assemblies / Olot Art School, Degree in Architecture Studies / La Salle / URL, EAR / Reus Technical School of Architecture, Postgraduate Ephemeral Spaces and Radical Museography - UPC School, and the Degree in Architectural Studies from the University of Girona.

Lluèrnia, Festival of Fire and Light in Olot, is organized by the Lluèrnia Cultural Association, with the support of the Olot City Council and the Department of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia, and the collaboration of Cultura of Girona Province.


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