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    From 17 of October to 28 of November of 2020

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The festival of fire and light.

The facilities will take place in large open spaces such as the Sant Roc fountains, the Parc Nou, the meadows in front of the Hospital, the Tossols Bath Pavilion or the Prats de la Mandra.

The Lluèrnia Festival is adapted to avoid congestion and reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection. The Festival is extended in time and instead of the usual six hours, the Lluèrnia 2020 will last 43 days: from October 17 to November 28. In addition, instead of concentrating on the Old Town of Olot, the facilities will be distributed in large open spaces such as the Fonts de Sant Roc - which will house the Hort de la Llum -, the Parc Nou, the meadows in front of the Hospital, the Tossols Bath Pavilion or the Prats de la Mandra. However, there will still be some proposals that will occupy spaces in the city center such as the Hospice, the Cloisters of Carmen or Can Barberí, always with access control and limiting capacity.

In terms of programming, it has gone from the usual 50 facilities to only 20. Dispersion in larger spaces involves greater budgetary investment in the production, installation, durability and monitoring of the facilities and , therefore, having the same budget requires a reduction of more than 50%, explain the organizers of the festival. It has also been tried that during the 43 days of duration no more than 8 simultaneous proposals coincide, in order to avoid the assimilation of a specific date with the festival. The Opening activities, scheduled for October 17, and the Closing activities, on November 28, have a participatory approach that will be possible even in the event of severe confinement.

However, Lluèrnia will keep the elements that have been essential to its program: the Hort de la Llum, the Contes a Vora del Foc, the joint installation of the Schools and Institutes, the proposals of the open competition, the proposal of the EASD of Olot in the Claustres del Carme, the photography exhibition at Can Trincheria, and the collaborations with Pim, Pam, Pum, Foc !, AOAPIX, Binari and Transefímers, which this year incorporates the Euro-Regional dimension with Transefímers-Med.

The Olot architecture studio “unparelld'arquitectes”, made up of Eduard Callís and Guillem Moliner, will be the gardeners of Lluèrnia 2020. The two architects had already participated in previous editions of the festival as creators of some installations, but they had never taken charge of the Garden of Light. This year, the assembly will be installed in the Fonts de Sant Roc, where they want to evoke the dominion of fire to transform it into light, as in an orchard nature is cultivated to transform it into food.

The organizers of the Lluèrnia Festival will make public all the programming in a few weeks. In addition, they ask that the festival's website and social networks be followed closely, to be aware of possible changes, depending on the evolution of the pandemic.

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