International fair of witchcraft in Sant Joan les Fonts


  • Date

    From 7 to 8 of October of 2023

  • Location

    Sant Joan les Fonts

The most mysterious fair in La Garrotxa.

Talks, workshops, rituals, broom throwing contest, dance shows, esoteric products market, gastronomy... during the weekend of October 7 and 8, Sant Joan les Fonts will once again experience the most magical moment of the year with the International Witchcraft Fair, which is now in its 17th edition fully consolidated as one of the most important meetings in the Catalan panorama of this subject.

This year, the Fair is dedicated to the USA, specifically the Salem mystery and the birth of mentalism in Hydesville. The Salem Witch Trials were a series of legal proceedings that took place in Salem, Massachusetts between 1692 and 1693 and resulted in the death of 20 innocent people accused of witchcraft and the vilification of over 200 others. Initially, these proceedings were based on the reports of girls who claimed to have been harmed by the spells of certain women whom they accused of witchcraft. On the other hand, mentalists like to pin the beginning of their art to 1848, when word spread through Hydesville, America, that the Fox sisters were communicating with the spirit of a hardware store buried under his house In reality, they were "faking" the noises supposedly made by the dead, but given the success of their "show" they invented the ouija and made spiritualism fashionable, which led to corrosive discussions in the newspapers about the magnetism and clairvoyance.


Activities for the whole family


The activities, full of magic and mystery for young and old, will be inaugurated on Saturday 7 October at 12 in the morning with the opening ritual, which will be in charge of the White Lady and the Imma del Destí. The bulk of the day's proposals, however, will be held from 5pm, such as the Close Magic workshop, with Javi Feroz and Diana Cazadora, the Alehop Hop show!! with the Cia. Mag Nani, the Dance of the Giants of the four elements and the Witches' dance, the batucada with Tam, various dance shows and an energy transformation ritual.

On Sunday, at 10 am in Clot de l'Infern, the market will open its doors and there will be an activity to wake up with energy with Letstraining Center. Then, there will be an acroyoga workshop for all levels, a literature session by Borinotgroc / M. Dolors Arqué and various performances and workshops. In the afternoon, other activities will take place, such as a demonstration of the still and distillation and a series of dance shows, magic and a broom throwing contest, until 8 in the evening, when will close the Fair with the closing ritual.

The Castle of Juvinyà de Sant Joan les Fonts will be another of the Fair's venues and will host talks and presentations throughout Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Among them, we should highlight "Salem, reality or fiction", "Accompanied clairvoyance", "Different expressions of mentalism" and a talk on sacred geometry.


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