Festes del Tura


  • Date

    From 7 at11 of September of 2023

  • Location


Olot's popular festival, popular and participatory.

The Tyets, the group of the moment on the Catalan scene, will perform in Olot on the first night of the Festes del Tura. In addition to The Tyets; Gertrudis, Lildami, Ginestà, 31 FAM, Bia Ferreira, Santa Mandra and Pol Ferrés will be some of the concerts of these Festivities, which will begin on Wednesday 6 September and end on Sunday 10.
As every year, the organizations will have a prominent role in the program which includes the traditional activities related to the farandula -the traditional bestiary-, events aimed at families, ballroom dances for the elderly and the Olot Hoquei Club announcement.


The well-known theme 'Coti x Coti' will play next September 6 at the Olot Fair. The Tyets will perform on the first night of Festes del Tura in one of the most outstanding concerts of this year's program. In 2022 they already participated in the Festa Major of Olot and this year they repeat as headliner. Before The Tyets' performance and also on the Festes main stage, Ginestà will perform, one of the young Catalan pop groups that has already achieved hits that are part of the Catalan popular songbook.

Gertrudis, Lildami, 31 FAM and there will be other concerts of these Festivals at which Ebri Knight, Pelukass, Miquel del Roig, Santa Mandra or Pol Ferrés will also perform. Other musical proposals this year are Bia Ferreira - the international Brazilian artist who is on tour in Europe -, La Otra, Riders of the Canyon or Reyko who, with "Spinning Over You", has exceeded thirty million reproductions in Spotify and are the authors of songs for the soundtracks of series such as "Toy boy" or "La casa de las flores".

This year, the Fair, Plaça Major and Plaça Campdemàs are consolidated as the venues for the Festivities, together with Paseo de la Muralla.

As usual, the parade through the center of Olot will open the Festes del Tura on Wednesday, September 6 at quarter past 6 in the afternoon; when the doors of the Hospice will open with eight new figures. In addition to this novelty, there are already 40 entities and neighborhoods participating in the parade. The activities related to the farandula will, once again, be the protagonists of the Festivals and aimed at the family audience, as are the Rock by Xics concert, Gatzara, Pep Puigdemont's show or the juggling workshop.

The AOAPiX's sung vermouth is another of the novelties of the program that has much-awaited and popular activities such as the Marrans bullfight, the rock, paper and scissors world championship, the Battle of the Flowers or the Norantada. Marrinxos stop doing the water and foam battle out of environmental sensitivity and organize the Ball of the 4 quarts, a music and sherinola activity in Plaça de l'U d'octubre.

At the same time, it should be noted that this year you will need to have a ticket to attend the final show of the correfoc. This change has been made to guarantee better access to the plaça de braus in accordance with the capacity of the venue, where you will need a ticket to see the show prepared by the Pim Pam Pum Foc. Tickets are already sold out.

For the Holidays, the Principal of Olot celebrates its 125th anniversary. On Friday 8 September at 9.30pm in the Plaça Major a commemoration event will take place with a Giant surprise. Ballroom dances in Turin, havaneras and the Festa Major concert and dance with the Montgrins Orchestra are also part of the program of the 2023 Festes del Tura, which will open, after the parade and the service, the proclamation of the Olot Hockey Club.

Coinciding with the 40th anniversary, Club Hoquei Olot will be in charge of announcing the festivities. For the successes achieved and the club's trajectory, and also in recognition of the city's entities, Hockey will officially open the Festivities on Wednesday, September 6 at 9 pm from the balcony of the Olot Town Hall. The activities will continue until Sunday 10 September and will end with the pyrotechnic show and the candle dance.



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