• Date

    From 25 to 29 of August of 2022

  • Location

    Les Preses

The festival of traditional dances.

This year the Esdansa festival will feature groups from Argentina, the Republic of Djibouti, Panama, Tahiti, Slovakia and Mexico, who will participate in the 'Nights Esdansa', where the public is invited to dance and experience the rhythms of the traditional dances of the different invited countries and also with the show 'Dances of the world', Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 August, which is already a regular of the festival.

The creative proposals of Laia Santanach and Lara Brown; or the shows on the Plan d'impuls route to local dance are some of the highlights of this new edition of the festival.

Regarding the proposals of new creation, recovers "Pyrene 430 of Amaiur Luluaga", Claudia Gomez, Iñaki Plaza and Alex Lopez, that last year had to suspend due to the rain, and presents' Tradere 'by Laia Santanach and' Movimiento Involuntario 'by Lara Brown.

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