• Date

    From 21 to 27 of August of 2023

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    Les Preses

The festival of traditional dances.

From August 21 to 27, the 41st edition of the Ésdansa a les Preses festival will be held, the reference festival in the world of roots dance for its vision of the future and its clear commitment to participation and exchange cultural Following the usual line, the festival will be held from Monday to Sunday. It will offer 7 days of traditional dance programming and the participation of several international companies. An edition is presented that preserves the usual work lines of exhibition, training and dissemination, and that maintains the strong commitment to creation. The 360-degree look at the traditional roots plays a fundamental role.


Two itineraries: Joves i Arrel and Plan Impuls a la dansa d'arrel


The Joves i Arrel itinerary aims to promote and highlight the work being done by the country's young creators. The root is once again trending globally and serving as an inspiration to a whole new generation of artists. That's why, on this occasion, on the one hand we will talk to young people who are professionally dedicated to dance and who have created their shows based on Catalan root dance and we will see their shows. On the other hand, we will talk to young people who start from Spanish dance and flamenco for their creations.

Within this itinerary we find: the Let's talk about... young people and roots; If I were to go, by Lali Mateu, Roger Cusidó and Company la MINIMíssima; L'Hereu Riera, by Pere Seda; Flor de Maig, by Xavier Gumà and Verònica Hernández; Lo Faunal, by Pol Jiménez.

The General Directorate of Popular Culture and the Fira de la Mediterrània and with the complicity and support of the Ésdansa Festival, the Agrupament d'Esbarts Dansaires, the Federació d'Ateneus de Catalunya, the Dansàneu festival and the Mans de Catalunya Ràdio program give support for different lines of work of the Roots Dance Impulse Plan and that is why the festival highlights the Roots Dance Impulse Plan itinerary where we will be able to see some shows that receive support at the mentoring level artistic

In this line we can see Raepte, from Esbart Manresà; If I were to go, by Lali Mateu, Roger Cusidó and Company la MINIMíssima; L'Hereu Riera, by Pere Seda; Flor de Maig, by Xavier Gumà and Verònica Hernández; Testimony, from Esbart Santa Tecla; and Era, by Esbart Rocasagna and Quim Bigas, winner of the Delfí Colomé Award.

Ésdansa is also committed to the New Creation and proof of this line of work is the premiere of the show Voluxa by the Marboleny Beta group where the shadows of witchcraft and discrimination are explained through music and traditional dance merged with current trends.

We will also be able to see Solc, a dance show by Esbart Ciutat Comtal and Arnau Obiols, based on the work of the Popular Songwriter, taking as its central axis the men and women who undertook the journey of exploration and research to collect the popular songs of the Catalan-speaking territory.


International companies


The international line is one of the unmistakable mainstays of the Festival. This year we will be accompanied by the companies of Viorica from Moldova, Minchanzama from Peru, Crane from Uganda and Compañía de Tango Julio Sosa from Uruguay. They will participate in the Ésdansa Nights, where the public is invited to dance and experience the rhythms of the traditional dances of the different invited countries and also with the show Danses del món, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 August, which is already a regular festival

Likewise, we will delve into A Journey to Peru with a monograph on La Marinera, Peru's national dance par excellence and one of the country's greatest fruits of cultural miscegenation. It will not only be a journey through dance but also in the world of gastronomy.

The Party in the Park, which is already a regular part of the festival, will once again fill Pedra Tosca Park with music and dance, where everyone who wants to can discover traditional dances from around the world in a unique environment.

But we will also have an experience show, A cegues. Based on the music and an unbeatable natural environment, the viewer is proposed to be transported further in this multi-sensory blind concert. A proposal in which you will be able to discover the popular culture of one of the countries invited to the festival through its music with blindfolds that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in its melodies.




This edition, the dissemination will show us in a very realistic way the different prisms that the root dance currently has and linked to the lines of work. In addition to the Let's talk about... young people and roots, we will see a work in progress of the show Bordes y heridas del Duende and then we will be able to talk to the protagonists about young creators and flamenco. We will also do another Let's talk about ... Publishing news where, accompanied by Lluís Marmi from the Tradillibreria and some of the protagonists of the books that will be presented, we will be able to learn about the publishing news in the root sector.


Children and family proposals


Art in motion is a proposal with pmembers of Petit Ésdansa'T and Núria Hontecillas who, over the course of the week, will delve into a creative process where, starting with root dance, they will re-discover several Catalan artists and painters. We will be able to see the final result on Saturday 26th and it will be a scenic and pedagogical proposal that combines dance and painting and seeks to use the body as a tool of representation and creation.

Also, in the family proposals we will have the exhibition which collects the costumes of Catalan popular culture illustrating it through geometric abstraction and the purest forms: the circle and the square. A collection of attractive and simplified illustrations that will allow us to get to know the vast universe of our culture better.

This proposal will have family activities that will accompany the process of discovering more closely the world of


Concert night


The proposal of Concert Nights is already being incorporated as a fixed part of the Ésdansa Festival programme.

Friday the 25th at 11.30pm, Marcel Casellas' House Abourigen will be in the spotlight. A DJ session developed based on house music productions of a tribal nature that integrate, without complexities, timbral sounds, melodies and modal features typical of Catalan and Mediterranean music. An aces poker. Because good ingredients make good food.

Saturday 26th from midnight, we will have the proposal of Julivert who presents his first album A Tamarit! with 10 popular and tavern songs. The sound of the album is a reflection of their live performances, energetic and fun, where they combine roots repertoire, popularized themes and own compositions based on the ethnographic research carried out in the area of Baix Gaià. The diatonic accordion and unison singing identify this group that inspires a desire to party and dance. The album vindicates the song and the popular festivals in front of a world that spins too fast. Julivert claims with this work to return to the square, to the table, to improvised singing, to popular dances and to partying in community.


Training - Ésdansa't Campus


This edition will also feature the space formed by the Ésdansa't Campus, which was born and claims the slogan "Dance and make dance". This year's edition returns to full normality with all the training offered. It hosts the festival's traditional roots dance workshops for all ages. This year the Ésdansa'T Campus is divided into Petit Ésdansa'T, for children aged 4 to 12, Ésdansa'T young with young people aged 12 to 16 and Ésdansa'T, aimed at adults.

This 2023 the Ésdansa'T Campus will be held from Monday 21 to Friday 25 August and, following the trend of recent years, will offer a wide range of workshops from learning purely traditional dance choreographies, both from Catalonia and other international territories, up to workshops focused on creation and offering tools to dance and teach dancing.

The Ésdansa'T Campus will have several trainers such as Quim Bigas, Carles Janer, Claudia Pascual, Aina Rosell, Laia Muray, Xavier Gumà, Verònica Hernández, Pere Seda, Viorica from Moldova, Minchanzama from Peru, Compañía de Tango Julio Sosa from Uruguay , Crane from Uganda, among others.

From next July 10, the paid shows will go on sale. For more information,

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