Ball dels Cavallets, Gegants i Mulassa de Sant Feliu de Pallerols - Festa Major


  • Date

    From 26 to 28 of May of 2023

  • Location

    Sant Feliu de Pallerols

Festa Major de Sant Feliu de Pallerols.

Friday, May 26

At 8 p.m. in the Sala de Ca les Hermanes, Festive Sermon by Daniel Vilarrubias i Cuadras, archivist, art historian and violinist of the Ball de Cavallets, Gegants and Mulassa.

Saturday 27 May

At 5 in the afternoon, CERCAVILA of the HORSES (big and small), GIANTS AND MULASSA”. Violinist: Daniel Vilarrúbias i Cuadras, a musician from Iguala who specializes in popular and traditional music.

Sunday May 28

At 6 p.m., in Plaça de l'Església, AUDITION OF SARDANES for La Cobla LA PRINCIPAL D'OLOT. In the middle, the "HORSES, GIANTS AND MULASSA BALL" will take place: Mulassa Ball (Verda Mulassa), Flat Ball, Matadegolla, Contrapàs, Short Sardana (La Pastoreta) and Short Sardana (L'Antiga).


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