• Date

    From 19 of October to 7 of November of 2020

  • Location


From this Monday, October 19, until November 7, the ACOLOR campaign will take place. To impel and to promote the commerce of the city, is the objective of this campaign. As in previous editions, we have divided the shops into 8 categories, each with a different color. People who go shopping at one of the associated establishments will receive a random colored ticket (never the same color as the establishment where they shop) that will allow them to obtain discounts or direct gifts from the establishments or a gift from the ACO that is 'ls will deliver at the same time of purchase. In case they have obtained a discount or a gift, the participants will have time to exchange it until November 21st. Vouchers will not be redeemable for other items and discounts may not be applied to promotional items, sales or offers.

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