The on-demand transport service,, arrives in La Garrotxa with 30 stops

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  • The on-demand transport service,, arrives in La Garrotxa with 30 stops
Friday 23 of July of 2021

It has established routes and schedules, but the bus only stops if a reservation has been made beforehand. is a public transport service of the Generalitat de Catalunya that has established routes and timetables but is only provided if requested in advance. To use it, you must first make a reservation and indicate the stop of origin and the destination of the line you want.

Reservations can be made through the Nemi app (for Android and iOS) at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the first stop on the corresponding line. They can also be done by phone from Monday to Friday (8.00 am - 8.00 pm). In the event that a place is required for a person with reduced mobility, this must be expressly indicated at the time of booking.

Specifically, the service operates from Monday to Friday, with 30 stops at different points in the Vall d’en Bas, Les Preses, Olot and Riudaura, establishing links with other public transport lines.

The peculiarity of is that the route of the bus is determined according to the requests of the users: it passes through the stops that have been requested with prior reservation (up to 15 minutes before the bus leaves the initial stop). There are stops established in each town and regular timetables that will be set from Sant Esteve d’en Bas and from the Olot bus stop.

In this sense, the line has a planned journey of 50 minutes which, depending on the reservations made by passengers, could be extended to 80 minutes to cover the 45 km that would involve going through the 30 existing stops.

The service only travels a few sections when someone needs it and depending on the previous reservation so that resources are optimized.

The stops are distributed as follows:

- Sant Esteve d'en Bas: polígon de la Serra, Centre d’Atenció Primària (CAP), carrer Ample, carretera de Santa Coloma i cruïlla de l’Alberg.
- Els Hostalets d'en Bas: trencant del cementiri, Local Social i aparcament.
- Joanetes: Can Trona, Local Social, l’Hostal de Dalt, la Coromina i carretera de Sant Esteve a Can Trona.
- Puigpardines: trencant de Puigpardines i Cooperativa de la Vall d’en Bas.
- Sant Privat d'en Bas: Consultori, Ca la Carmelita, veïnat del Salt del Sallent, nucli antic i veïnat de Pocafarina.
- Verntallat-Les Preses: carrer de Pau Casals.
- El Mallol: veïnat Nou, Veïnat Cirera, les Olletes i entrada al puig del Mallol.
- La Pinya: parc infantil de Can Gaburra i veïnat de l’Avellana.
- Riudaura: carrer d’Olot.
- Olot: estació d’autobusos i Hospital Comarcal.

Each stop is properly signposted, either with a canopy or with signs indicating that this is the specific point where the service stops.

The first service leaves Olot at 7.20 am and Sant Esteve at 8.10 am. The last service leaves at 7.30 pm from Olot and at 8.20 pm from Sant Esteve.

As for the price, the single ticket costs € 1.75. However, Valor cards (a TEISA wallet card) can be purchased. Using this card, the ticket price is € 1.20. These cards are multi-person, and can be purchased and loaded on the same bus.

There are two options for booking the de la Garrotxa transport service: download the 'Nemi' mobile application (for Android and iOS) or call 972 20 48 68 (among the 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.).

The service was born with the aim of opting for sustainable collective mobility and currently offers these stops, but will be adapted according to demand. This project, operated by the company TEISA, is funded by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

In addition, through the app, the customer receives real-time information on the position of the vehicle and the time of arrival at the chosen stop in their reservation.