The first family tourism guide and the first compilation of walking routes in Olot are published

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  • The first family tourism guide and the first compilation of walking routes in Olot are published
Thursday 29 of July of 2021

The 'Olot Family Guide' includes the main tourist attractions through 10 self-guided proposals, and the 'Walking Guide from Olot, the city of volcanoes' includes 18 local routes in Olot that can be done on foot from the Tourist Office.

Olot City Council, through the Garrotxa DinàmiG Innovation and Development Agency, has released two new tourist publications this year to disseminate the cultural, landscape, natural and historical attractions of Olot. The two new guides emerge as a result of the needs detected through the city’s Tourist Office and with the aim of offering specific quality tools, of high added value, with graphic materials designed especially for visitors and citizens.

The Olot Family Guide is a publication designed for families and which includes the main tourist attractions of the city organized in 10 very varied proposals. Enguany se n’han editat 10.000 exemplars en català i la voluntat és publicar la segona edició en castellà, anglès i francès el pròxim 2022.

Designed and illustrated by Ferran Coves, this new guide offers routes and activities that allow you to discover the city's natural spaces such as the river Fluvià, the city's fountains, the four volcanoes in the municipality, the essential parks and gardens. of the city or the greenway in its section by Olot. It also delves into and details the most outstanding cultural attractions such as the old quarter, the Old Town, modernist examples, the city's museums and other key areas such as Plaça Mercat or the link between architecture and landscape from the foot of the Montsacopa volcano. All routes and proposals are designed and adapted for families; be they visitors or residents of the city.

In addition, the guide also includes characteristic sections such as '50 things to do in La Garrotxa, from 3 to 99 years ', divided through icons that make it easier to locate and read and other sections such as' Other spaces and family resources ', which includes self-guided proposals located on a map indicating what can be visited in case of adverse weather conditions or if you have short leisure time.

Finally, the publication also provides for a possible gift: in the event that visitors make 5 or more of the 10 proposals, they will be able to enjoy a detail of the city if they approach the Olot Tourist Office.

Guide on foot from Olot, the city of volcanoes

On the other hand, you can also get the Guide on foot from Olot, the city of volcanoes; the second publication promoted by the Tourism Department of Olot City Council to publicize 18 walking routes departing from the Olot Tourist Office itself.

The initiative arose from the Tourism Area in the face of the interest of tourists and visitors on the routes to be made in the region and the lack of a publication that could summarize and show all those existing routes in the city.

In this case, the guide is designed by Lluís Salavedra and includes 7 proposals from Garrotxa Cultour - the Garrotxa project created to publicize the cultural and natural heritage of the territory with physical signs - 6 from the Itinerànnia Trail Network and 4 more proposals than they pass through the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa, the Carrilet greenway, the GR-83 or the Camino de Sant Jaume. In short, routes that combine sport with art, history, the natural, architectural and historical heritage of the city.

In this sense, the publication will complement the physical signage on different heritage elements of the city that is being carried out under the umbrella of Garrotxa Cultour, and which will end this year.

Both publications can be found at the Olot Tourist Office, and will soon be available at