Santa Pau

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The medieval village of Santa Pau is situated in the south of the Olot plain, right in the middle of La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, between the mountain ranges of St. Julià del Mont and Sta. Maria de Finestres.

The municipality of Santa Pau, the richest and most varied in volcanic features of the whole La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, has special points of interest such as the Santa Margarida volcano, the Croscat volcano or La Fageda d'en Jordà, a beech forest whose beauty offers constantly changing nuances of light and colour no matter what the time and circumstances.

The village has conserved the very interesting old part, with its distinctive look and medieval characteristics. Highlights include Plaça Major or Firal dels Bous: an arcaded main square of undeniable character with an irregular shape and uneven arches that is laid out around the castle, a large, compact and robust building that stands on the village's highest point.

Also of interest is the sober church of Santa Maria and all the narrow alleyways, with their twists and turns and steep gradients that lead to the Portal del Mar.

The Portal del Mar offers a view of the lovely and tempting surrounding valleys that, as is often the case in La Garrotxa, are the setting for some interesting Romanesque church. Most notable are the churches of La Mare de Déu dels Arcs, Sant Vicenç del Sallent, Sant Martí Vell and, in an idyllic spot, Sant Miquel Sacot. From Sant Julià del Mont, which is reached after a fairly difficult walk, the views of the valleys and volcanoes are fascinating.

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