Sant Aniol de Finestres

Sant Aniol de Finestres is situated at the head of La vall de la Llémena, in a corner of La Garrotxa noted for its peace and quiet. The municipality is made up of the settlements of La Barroca and Sant Esteve de Llémena.

The main places of interest are the Finestres castle and various Romanesque-style churches: Santa Maria de Finestres, Sant Esteve de Llémena, Sant Andreu, Sant Joan de Medes, Sant Julià, Sant Aniol and Sant Miquel de Bustins. Other buildings of interest are Elena sanctuary, Sant Cebrià chapel, Bell-lloc de Llémena chapel, Sant Roc hermitage, site of the Roc de la Melca and the village of Palomera (or Puig del Moro).

The Finestres mountain range, which bounds the valley to the north, and the river Llémena, that flows towards Girona, complete the list of Sant Aniol de Finestres' main attraction.


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