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It is worth taking your time on a visit to the Riudaura Valley to enjoy the beauty of if its countryside and the character of the village. Whether you come from Olot, or the Vall d'en Bas, the roads merge at the entrance to La Vall de Riudaura.

The mountains almost completely surround Riudaura: Sant Miquel del Mont, Puig Soleres, the Coll de Coubet - with the old Cantina hotel -, the Coll de Canes, the Santa Magdalena de Cambrils mountain range, Puig de l'Ofrena, Puig de la Miranda and Puig de la Rauta.

The mountain range of Sant Valentí del Mont, which marks the northern boundary of Riudaura, has beautiful spots, such as Bastons farmhouse. From the N-260 you can enjoy a beautiful view of the plain from La Pinya to the La Vall de Bas. Also outstanding are the pass and old Serrota hotel, with very good views over Riudaura and the river Riudaura that runs through the valley. The Cruanyes plain, at the foot of the Saiols mountain, is one of the most beautiful country houses in the area.


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