Municipis de l'entorn de la Garrotxa

Right on the edge of the borders of La Garrotxa – but outside of its administrative limits – there are a number of spectacular landscapes and beautiful villages that are well worth a visit.


Charmingly quaint, Beget and its architectural treasures lie in L’Alta Garrotxa, but since 1969 they have formed part of the municipality of Camprodon. The village’s stone houses and cobbled streets tumble down to the river, which is crossed by two medieval bridges.

Its main monument is the church of Sant Cristòfor, one of the most attractive of all Romanesque buildings in this part of the pre-Pyrenees.

Inside, visitors can admire La Majestat, a large polychromed Christ figure that was carved in the 12th century.

Access to Beget is along the road from Oix or along the tracks and trails of the Itinerànnia network of footpaths.

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15 minutes from Mieres we find Banyoles, the capital of the Pla de l'Estany region, a picturesque town for its lake, the largest in Catalonia, which feeds - he and his entire lake basin - from groundwater which come from Alta Garrotxa.

Banyoles also stands out for its offer of sports and leisure activities, closely linked to the lake.

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Rupit i Pruit

Rupit i Pruit in the heart of the beautiful landscape of El Collsacabra is a municipality of two villages that have managed to preserve all of their medieval charm.

To the south of Rupit tower the cliffs of El Collsacabra, from which there are magnificant views over Les Guilleries, El Montseny and the neighbouring cliffs of Tavertet, L'Avenc  and El Far. Also of interest here are the Romanesque church of Sant Joan de Fàbregues, a waterfall known as El Salt del Sallent (not to be confused with a waterfall of the same name in La Vall d'en Bas), and the unmistakeable rock pinnacle of L'Agullola, visible from along the whole line of cliffs.

To the north around Pruit, rolling pastures extend towards La Vall d'en Bas. From here, historical paths such as the Royal Road and the GR-2 long-distance footpath will take you along old paved trails towards Olot and France.

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