Montagut i Oix

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The municipality of Montagut and Oix is made up of the village of Oix and by the several neighbouring settlements.

Situated at the heart of the Alta Garrotxa, Montagut and Oix is noted for its very high concentration of Romanesque churches and hermitages. The most remarkable are the Romanesque churches of Sant Pere de Montagut, Sant Llorenç d'Oix, Santa Bàrbara de Pruneres, Sant Martí de Toralles, Sant Miquel d'Hortmoier, Sant Feliu del Riu, Sant Miquel de Pera, Sant Martí de Talaixà, the sanctuaries of La Mare de Déu de les Agulles, La Mare de Déu de la Devesa, Mare de Déu del Cos, the hermitages of Sant Andreu de Guitarriu and Sant Eudald de Jou, and the monastery of Sant Aniol d'Aguja.
The municipality also has other traditional constructions of interest, such as the bridges at Oix and Valentí.
For walkers, the main points of interest are Puig de Bassegoda, Puig de Comanegra, Puig de Montmajor, Cova del Bisbe (Bishop's Cave), Baumes d'Aguja, Cova del Lladre (Thief's Cave), Baumes d'en Caxurma and the Brull waterfall.


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