Les Preses


Les Preses, situated 4 km from Olot, at the foot of the local road C-152 Olot to Santa Coloma de Farners, is recommended for its attractive countryside. The Volcà Racó Nature Reserve, Fageda del Corb and Pedra Tosca Park are open to visitors.

The plain and the mountain alternate pleasantly between farmland and woods, making it one of the most beautiful municipalities in La Garrotxa.

The hermitages of Sant Martí del Corb and Sant Miquel del Corb (Romanesque) display their antiquity. Town legend talks about the lake that occupied the Bas plain, the source of the names of ancestral farmhouses such as La Mata, La Boada, La Torre, and L'Avellana.
The area's volcanic heritage shows itself in various ways, the most spectacular of which is the Xenacs Recreation Area, natural viewpoint of La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park.

A series of organised activities, and also sign-posted routes for walking or cycling, allow you to get to know and enjoy the municipality.


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