Les Planes d'Hostoles

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Les Planes d'Hostoles is a municipality situated in the Vall d'Hostoles, made up of the town of Les Planes, the villages of Cogolls and Les Encies, and the hamlet of Sant Pere Sacosta.

It is possible to distinguish two very different areas: on the right bank of the river Brugent the hillside drops abruptly down from the Puig del Moro mountain range, bounded by the cliffs that, a little further on, become the high cliffs of El Far; on the left bank, by contrast, the mountain relief is more gradual and has gentler valleys like the Vall de Cogolls, bounded in the east by the Medes mountain range, meridional buttress of the Finestres mountain range. The head of the Vall d'Aiguavella or Vallac, the Vall del torrent del Clot de les Banyes and the high plateau of Les Encies are also found in the municipal area.
The highlights are the churches of Santa Maria de les Encies, Sant Cristòfol de Cogolls, Sant Cristòfol de Les Planes and Sant Pere Sacosta. The castles at Hostoles and Puig-alder are two of the most important vestiges of the war of the Remences in the area.

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