Flora and fauna

La Garrotxa has two distinct types of plant landscape: the Mediterranean, characterized by the presence of holm, and the Atlantic Central European, with oak and beech trees of various species. Regarding the flora, only in La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park has there are more than 1,170 species of higher plants and several rare plants in Catalan flora.

This diversity of environments present in La Garrotxa coexists with a very diverse fauna and contains species of great interest, especially invertebrates. In La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park know there are nearly 300 different species of vertebrates, 52 of which are mammals, 198 birds, 13 amphibians, 18 reptiles and 11 fish. As for invertebrates, there are more than 164 registered non-arthropod invertebrate species, 20 arthropods and insects not more than 1,000 insects.

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