Ral path Vic - Olot

The Royal Road Vic-Olot and vice versa, has a length of 44 km and connects the two cities through Les Marrades, La Vall d'en Bas, L'Hostalot, El Cabrerès (Cantonigrós and Santa Maria Corcó ), Sant Martí Sescorts and Roda de Ter.

The road, recently restored, preserves the old pavers, especially in Les Marrades, and several bridges as the bridge Hostalot. The trail is marked with the signal pattern of the Provincial Council of Barcelona.

You can go anyway in a day, or if you have a slower rate in two. There will always be more comfortable to do so in the sense Vic-Olot, because the rise is much smoother. Please note that in the central area, between Sant Esteve d'en Bas and Catonigròs, has almost no accommodation and restaurants.

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