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  • Cropic's pastisseria

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    • C. Bolós, 10
  • Phone number

    • 972 27 11 51
  • Location

    • Altres
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Pasta, pastries, sweet and sour cakes, tortellines, chocolates ... are some of the products that can be found in this pastry shop and cafeteria of Olot, which offers a catering service for breakfast, snacks and snacks.

Catering products:

- Canapés with bread of mold: caviar, salmon, almond, spinach, ham and cheese, toasts with anchovies.

- Small stuffed croissants: pâté, sobrasada, ham and cheese, truffle or cream.

- Stuffed cakes: sugar coca filled with sliced lard or salty ham, salty cakes stuffed with sweet ham, cheese or salty ham, vegetables, onions, tomato and bacon, or cheese and nuts.

- Bake pasta tarts: vegetable, tuna or sobrasada.
- Vol-au-vent of cheese or pâté.
- Cream, cream and chocolate jellies
- Small sandwiches: rolls, brioxos, plates, slices stuffed with salty or sweet ham, sausage, chorizo, cheese, vegetable and omelette.


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