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    • 639 38 17 29
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    • Carrier
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Taxitourgarrotxa offers its customers the possibility of renting vehicles with a driver. We work for companies and general public adapting to the needs of each customer.

Service for business: We take or pick up businessmen, suppliers, deliver or collect materials giving emergency service 24 hours a day. We offer national and international trips.

Private transport service to individuals, for any need. If you require personal assistance of someone accompanying to a specific place, we can offer assistance. Ask for it!

Events: We put our entire fleet at your service to provide travel support to your events.

Stations and airports: Transport and pick up service to any station or airport.

Bicycle service: For bicycle travellers.

We offer transfer and collection of bikes, transfer of backpacks, luggage storage, bike rental, routes and much more! See details at ou web side

For more information and reserve please call +34 639 381 729


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