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  • Restaurant El Fortí del volcà Montsacopa

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    • Volcà del Montsacopa, s/n
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    • 690 08 31 90
  • Cooking style

    • Market cuisine
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El Fortí del volcà Montsacopa is a small restaurant located at the top of the Montsacopa volcano, just 10 minutes' walk from the center of Olot.

It offers a bar service throughout the day (breakfasts, vermouths, quality gourmet food and snacks), and also has a restaurant menu for lunches, dinners, company meals and celebrations, on weekends and holidays .

The restaurant is defined as a Gastro-volcanic space, where you can taste a modern and author cuisine made with products of proximity in a natural setting of great historical and scenic value with panoramic views of Olot and the Vall d'en Bas.

The parking lot is at the foot of the volcano (car parks of the municipal cemetery and the place of Les Rodes, located just over 5 minutes from the restaurant). Access by car to the same restaurant is only allowed to people with reduced mobility, upon request at the same restaurant.

Horaris 2021:

- From May 1 to June 27: open every weekend.

- From 1 July to 30 September: open every day, except Mondays.

- From October 1st to December 31st: open on weekends and public holidays.



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